Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been crazy busy.  And it is all Hubbys fault.  You see right after Christmas he accepted a job at the Leisure Center.  The reason he decided to do this was because working for his folks during the winter is COLD.  Ha Ha. They have a farm and it is warm in the kitchen of the Leisure Center.  Yes, that is right, the kitchen.  Hubby is the head cook.  We did not know how difficult this job would be.  I have been volunteering to help him.  The Leisure Center prepares approximately 150 meals a day.  They have to have 100 meals ready by 9:30.  These meals are picked up by a driver from Pratt, a town about 30 miles away.  Then they have have to have 25 meals ready to be delivered to people in town.  After that they have to have 25 meals ready to serve to the people who eat at the center.  The center had 3 cooks.  Joy, the head cook.  Carolyn, the assistant cook and a cook who worked 4 hours a day.  Well, in December the main branch of the center (Elder Care) asked Joy who was turning 80 to give her resignation.  She had worked there 25 years!  She did as she was asked and the other 2 cooks quit.  So the center was without cooks.  Hubby put in an application and was hired to be the head cook.  He received 2 days training!  This is the reason I have been getting up at 5am to be out the door by 6 with him.  We are a team and we enjoy working together.  The assistant cook they hired worked 2 days and then was out sick for 2 days.  Lucky for us she likes to do paperwork and boy is there a lot of paperwork that has to be done.  They have to order all the supplies and food they need, to be delivered on Wednesdays.  This all makes for a  busy day and when we get home we are tired.  I miss the days that I had nothing to do but clean the house and make dinner.  Oh yeah and watch Maury to see who the baby daddy is!! I am sure everything will get easier and Hubby will not need my help, but until then my days are spent at the Leisure Center with hubby. 

For some reason I am not able to add pictures, so I will work on this and hopefully tomorrow I will figure out what the problem is and post pictures to go with this post.


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